A collection of fills and vamps for some songs.

Haole Hula II7-V7-I x x   x   x       x x x     x
Hilo E V7-I       x             x x      
Holei V7-I   x   x     x x     x x      
Kalamaʻula II7-V7-I   x x x     x       x x   x x
Ke Aloha II7-V7-I     x x   x   x     x x     x
Nā Kuahiwi ʻElima V7-I   x   x     x   x   x x      
ʻUlupalakua II7-V7-I x x     x x x       x x x   x

How it works

Play button
Press "Play" to play a song. Practice playing along with the song.

Key and tempo
Change the musical key or the tempo of the song.

Selected sections
Select regions of the song by choosing playable sections such as "Vamp" or "Verse" or a particular chord or selected beats. Use "Select turnaround" to choose the last few measures and first few measures in order to play along with a vamp between verses.

Chord progression button
Press a chord progression button to show a variety of licks that can be used for vamps and fills.

Lick score and tab
Select a lick to hear it played over the song. Licks can be muted while visible so you can play along with the tablature. A lick can play solo so the song isn't heard.

The mixer changes the volume of the song and the licks. The mixer also pans the song or the lick to the left or right stereo channels. A metronome can play along with the song, and the title "Metronome" can be checked so it blinks at the chosen tempo. If no licks are showing then mixer controls for licks will be inactive.